Available Puppies


Northland Bordeaux works hard to produce consistently beautiful, good-natured and healthy dogues through thoughtful, selective breeding practices which includes consideration of health, temperament, confirmation and type. Our puppies are AKC registered, and come microchipped, well-socialized and with a health guarantee.


Available Puppies

Updated July 24, 2014

 Available Dogue De Bordeaux Puppies

 We currently have no puppies available. 





Adults/Older Dogue de Bordeaux puppies

 We generally will only consider placing older puppies and adult dogues in homes that are near enough to us for you to come to meet us and the dogue.  Even at a distance, if you believe you have the perfect circumstance for an older dogue, we would be happy to speak with you.  815-627-2010.  Please call rather than email if you wish to learn more. 


We currently have a 2 year old female available to a companion home.  She is a high energy dog that would do best in a home with no dogs or with a large male dog. 


Retired Dogues

From time-to-time, we will place an older Dogue de Bordeaux (3-5 years) that we no longer plan to use in our breeding program, with a new family.   All of our dogues have a great life at Northland, with the best of food and care, and freedom to run and play.  But as hard as we try, it is obviously difficult to give as much individual attention to our dogues when we have a larger number of dogues.  Therefore, under the right circumstances, we sometimes place a retired dogue in a new home. 

We currently have no Retired Dogue de Bordeaux available


Rescue Dogues

We are periodically contacted by rescue groups in Illinois and the nearby states of Wisconsin, Indiana or Iowa and we assist in the placement of a Dogue de Bordeaux that was rescued or turned in by their owner.  In such cases we assist in evaluating and placing the dogue in a suitable home.  This occurs perhaps once or twice per year, and we post information here.  If you wish, we will save your email showing interest in a rescue and contact you should one become available.  You may also visit the national rescue organization for our breed at http://www.ddbs.org/RescueIndex.htm

As with a rescue of any breed, we recommend caution in taking in rescues, particularly if you have young children.  It takes a great deal of experience to evaluate rescue dogues properly and you typically do not know what the dog has experienced.  So even though a dogue has been evaluated, it is impossible to know how a dogue will react to all situations. 

Older dogues and rescue dogues are typically placed at no cost or for a nominal placement fee (to offset medical or other expenses that we might incur).


We currently have no Rescued Dogue de Bordeaux available